A Visit to ACHDS!

February 15, 2024

A Visit to ACHDS!

We had the pleasure of visiting the 4 kindergarten classes at Arie Crown Hebrew Day School's Early Childhood Program this week, where we shared a slideshow of our warehouse and spoke about the importance of giving back.

Mrs. Esther Malka Goldberg, our Volunteer Director, talked about Parshas Terumah and how Bnei Yisroel gave donations to build the mishkan. The children eagerly followed through by donating clothing, toys, books, and shoes that they had brought from home, which we will distribute to those in need.

To encourage their generosity, we provided the children with ChesedChicago pouches to use for their tzedakah pennies every day. We were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and compassion of these young students, which inspires us to continue our work each day.

Thank you to ACHDS for hosting us and for fostering such a culture of giving!

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